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Superworms resemble a very large mealworm. They have a slightly softer exoskeleton than mealworms and are much larger. Turtles, lizards, salamanders, birds and frogs all eat superworms. Be sure your pet can handle the size of the superworm. For bearded dragons this is about 16 inches in length or bigger.

Care instructions: On arrival of superworms, place them in a slick-sided container with Armstrong's bedding material. When bedding becomes sandy in appearance, add more substance such as corn meal, wheat germ, or rolled oats. Provide a moisture source through small pieces of potatoes, carrots or apples. Do not refrigerate superworms as it is too cold and will kill them. Superworms can withstand heat up to 90 F. 

Superworms are the larva stage (stage 2) of the Morio beetle. Supers will not change into a pupa or beetle as long as they are kept together in a group with other superworms. Superworms have a life expectancy of around three months, and can stay in the larvae stage up to a year.