Our History

The commercial cricket growing industry , as it is known today , was originally conceived and actually founded by late A.T. Armstrong.
      In 1945 in Glennville, GA, Gene Armstrong dropped a few crickets in a bucket with sand on the bottom. Three weeks later he discovered that Mother Nature had provided the family with a month's worth of live bait! This was an exciting discovery to the Armstrong family. Gene's dad Tal saw an opportunity that no one had seen before. Within a year Tal Armstrong was growing not only crickets but also an entirely new industry. The idea of having crickets, known as "the best" live bait for bream, perch and catfish, year-round, proved to be a very popular one among fishermen all over the South. Soon Tal also realized a whole new demand for crickets: as a choice pet food for many reptiles and amphibians. High in protein, live food is an important part of herpetological diets.
But his ideas and determination paid off and the new business was a success from the start. South Georgia anglers who had spent hours scouring fields for crickets, found it much simpler to buy Armstrong’s crickets.
       In 1947, Armstrong Crickets became the first commercial cricket grower in the UnitedStates.
Armstrong's Cricket Farm has the undisputed claim to being the OLDEST established cricket grower in the US. For over 70 years the Armstrong family has provided personal customer service and quality products with a live delivery guarantee. Many have followed in this highly specialized field, but none can boast they are the original. Discover what makes Armstrong’s cricket the best cricket for your pet…